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Richard Zampella is the founder and President of the Restaurant Consulting Firm Zampella & Company.

They provide services that include; restaurant interior design, marketing, branding and online multimedia for hosptality projects in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

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Richard Zampella Designer

Our Services

We are a full service Restaurant Consulting Firm that handles all aspects of project development and implementation.

Zampella & Company restaurant Consultants

What We Offer

Restaurant Consulting & Design Services

We develop designs for all kinds of Restaurant Concepts.

Multimedia Production

We handle website development and deployment, graphic design layouts, photography and video production.

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Richard Zampella Menu Photography

About me

Richard Zampella credits his father for introducing him to the culinary world at an early age which led him to a fifteen year engagement at The Rainbow Room under his mentor Joseph Baum.

Enchantment Resort, Sedona Arizona

Situated in Sedona, Arizona, the Enchantment Resort offers guests accomodations and rugged scenery of the highest order. The 70 acre resort takes advantage of the panoramic views provided by surrounding Boynton Canyon. The 218 exclusive casitas are spread around the property and are elegantly decorated and furnished with a Southwest theme.

Guest will find that Enchantment combines the tranquility of a pristine environment with the luxury of a sophisticated vacation experience with 5 Star service from a world class resort. Don't miss the resort's Mii Amo Spa on you visit. It has been voted as #1 Destination Spa in the United States by Travel & Leisure Magazine.

" A Unique Hotel in Sedona, Arizona. Enchantment Resort lives up to its spectacular setting with architecture and activities that pay tribute to the history of this colorful region. "– Richard Zampella

Richard Zampella was a guest of the Enchantment Resort in February, 2014. and regularly visits resorts in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

Richard Zampella Graphic Design Website

Richard Zampella is a Professional Graphic Designer that provides branding & marketing services to small business and restaurants in the United States, Europe and Asia.

He is the Managing Partner of the Creative Services Company, Transmultimedia, Inc. located in New York City.

He is also a a documentary Filmmaker and Producer that received a Critics' Pic from Andy Wester, Film Critic from the New York Times in October 2013 for Cooper & Hemingway: The True Gen. The film explores the 20+ year friendship between Actor Gary Cooper and Writer Ernest Hemingway. The film is narrated by Sam Waterston was an Official Selection at The Sedona Film Festival in Feb 2014.

Richard Zampella Graphic Design Website

"A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."

The Beverly Hills Hotel Overview

Located on Sunset Boulevard in the heart of Beverly Hills, California, The Beverly Hills Hotel and Bungalows first opened on May 12, 1912. This historic hospitality property attracted early Hollywood directors and actors including Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, Charlie Chaplin, Rudolf Valentino and Will Rodgers.The main structure was designed in the Mediterranean Revival Style and including 23 separate bungalows that adorned the property.

The popularity of the hotel as a social center for royalty and celebrities drew guests such as the Duke and Dutchess of Windsor, John Wayne and Elizabeth Taylor. Howard Hughes lived at the hotel on- and-off, for a period spanning 30 years.

" The hotel is home to the Polo Lounge which catered to society polo matches early in the history of Beverly Hills and remains the favorite breakfast spot and watering hole for generations of stars and Hollywood deal-makers."

Sveti Stefan Resort, Montenegro

In a country famed for its beauty, the most iconic images associated with Montenegro are of the tiny islet named Sveti Stefan. Attached to the coast by a narrow isthmus, the island lies across the bay from Villa Miločer, and together these two historic sites comprise Aman Sveti Stefan.

Once a fortified village dating back to the 15th century, the island of Sveti Stefan is a uniquely atmospheric setting of cobbled lanes, quaint courtyards and remarkable sea views. The stately villa of Villa Miločer – once the summer residence of Queen Marija Karađorđević – lies on a seaside estate graced with more than 800 olive trees and embraced on three sides by ancient cedar and pine forests..

" I loved so many things about this place, the rooms were elegant and minimalist, the views were spectacular, the food and service were superb and the weather and beaches were stunning. "

Richard Zampella was a guest of the Sveti Stefan Resort located in the former Yugoslavian Republic in February, 2014. and regularly writes about hotels and resorts in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

65 Floors High above Rockefeller Center

Joe was fascinated with all the great urban spaces in New York City where people gather together. He viewed them as market places of ideas serving a similar function to the Forum in ancient Rome. It was not surprising that one of his first projects; The Newarker, situated in the vast airport terminal at Newark Airport, became his warm up exercise for a fast succession of spectacular restaurants with hospitality projects that soured above the bustling city plazas of the former World Trade Center and Rockefeller Center.

Baum's genius lay in the simple premise that it is the combination of ambiance, food and service that defines a great restaurant. He went far beyond the traditional ways of creating and running restaurants when he integrated the services and skills of fashion designers, acoustical and efficiency experts and consultants.

" After the Rainbow Room had been reopened in 1986, a guest asked restauranteur Joeseph Baum how he had managed to improve the views from the 65th Floor of the GE building. He told her that he had lifted all the Rivers and Bridges. Baum would later recall, "She seemed to be satisfied with that answer." "

Cooper & Hemingway: the True Gen

The story of this extraordinary 20+ year friendship between Ernest Hemingway & Gary Cooper is the focus of this documentary, the film narrated by Sam Waterson also features Len Cariou as the voice of Ernest Hemingway

Richard Zampella is the Producer of Cooper and Hemingway the True Gen. Other producer credits include; Sergeant York: Of God and Country for Warner Home Video which was narrated by Liam Neeson and Inside High Noon for Paramount Pictures which was narrated by Frank Langella with an introduction by President Bill Clinton.

" One of the few--, make that very, very few documentaries which captures the complex man who was my father. Mulholland has given us an Ernest Hemingway whom I recognize. Trust me, this is rarely the case. "

Richard Zampella in The Rainbow Room

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Richard Zampella in The Rainbw Room
Richard Zampella in The Rainbw Room